Short photography workshops provide a condensed and focused learning experience for aspiring photographers.

The limited duration of these workshops makes them accessible to individuals with busy schedules or those who want to explore photography as a hobby.

These workshops are designed to offer hands-on training and practical knowledge in a brief period of time. The intensive nature of these workshops can accelerate the learning process and provide participants with a solid foundation to continue their photographic journey.

Participants can learn essential photography techniques, such as composition, lighting, and camera settings, through interactive sessions and demonstrations.

These Workshops focus on specific aspects of photography, such as portrait photography, landscape photography, street photography, or lighting techniques. By concentrating on a particular area of interest, participants can gain in-depth knowledge, specialized skills, and practical tips directly applicable to their chosen genre.

Our Popular Short Term Photography Workshops

These short term course are designed for people who wants to pursue their hobby of photography without taking an year off from their other commitments.

These workshops often comes with Intensive indoor and extensive outdoor session to cover both theoretical & practical aspects of photography.

For every workshop participants complete, they are presented with Certificate with badges of Visual Poetries & 50mm Media Productions. 


We cover the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in photography, providing an opportunity to stay updated with industry advancements and broaden one's creative camera toolkit.