Visual Poetries has permanent walls with original work from some of the best photographers across the world, rest is the inspiration that floats around the place and with different studio areas and library, the entire ambience embraces a student with photographic visual energy. 

Visual Poetries has well-designed studio areas incorporating versatile shooting spaces, such as a seamless backdrop, a natural light area. 

The studio area spacious enough to accommodate different setups, equipment, and props, allowing photographers to unleash their creativity.

Vast library with best and rare photography books provide access to reference materials, historical works, technical guides, and inspirational resources to support students’ research and learning.




AC Studio & Class Rooms provide controlled environments for students to practice
various types of photography, such as portrait, product, or still-life photography


collection of photography book by artists from all over the world


regular phototalks & events by visiting artist along with guest faculties and experts 


Studios at Visual Poetries are loaded with equipments  significant in capturing professional-quality images and creating a productive working environment. Lighting, Modifiers, Background Set-ups, Reflectors & Diffusors, Stands & Booms. Various props, such as chairs, tables, fabrics, and specialized tools, may be used to enhance the composition and add visual interest to the photographs. Other accessories like wireless triggers, remote shutter releases for efficient workflow and convenience.

Professional Training

Photography often involves collaboration with other professionals, such as models, stylists, art directors, or post-production specialists. On-the-job training offers the opportunity to work as part of a team, fostering collaboration and building relationships within the industry.

Getting Industry

Being immersed in a professional setting exposes individuals to the business aspects of photography. They gain insights into pricing, marketing, client acquisition, and other industry practices, which are crucial for building a successful photography career.  On-the-job training helps individuals develop the ability to think on their feet and find solutions in a dynamic environment.

Events & Activities

Regular phototalks, book reading sessions and other activities provoide excellent networking platform, allowing participants to connect with fellow photographers, exchange ideas, share experiences, and build relationships. Networking can lead to collaborations, inspiration, and future opportunities in the photography industry.

Internship Assitance

On-the-job training provides an opportunity to develop and refine photography skills in a real-world environment. It allows individuals to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios and learn from experienced professionals.

Placement Assitance

This new plan is designed to reduce the average cost of a Make School Education while preserving the core protections of ISAs – if you don’t have a job after Make School, you should not have to pay until you are employed.