The check list.

The courses at Visual Poetries Centre for Photography offers a structured and comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond basic knowledge acquisition. It serves as a solid foundation for a successful career in photography or as a stepping stone to further education and specialization.

Here are some questions which we usually come across during students and parents consultations.


Where are we located, and where will the course take place ?

We are located in Surat, Gujarat. And we have had students from various cities across India in past who have successfully completed our one year and short term courses. 


Do we offer easy instalments for fees payment ?

Yes, we do for our One year certificate course. Kindly connect for more information.


Do I receive any certificate after completion of the course ?

Yes, we provide completion certificate and other related industrial references on a successful course completion.  


Do we provide assistance for Internships & Job ?

Yes, during One year certificate program we provide required assistance to set up internships and get students acquainted with work opportunities. 


What is total duration of full time professional photography course ?

Course is divided in 4 modules in span of 1 year, plus student have opportunities to go on internship after the course. We provide required assistance even after one year and course completion.  



– Open to students with Class 10+2 or higher qualification

–  Any student above 18 years age can apply

– All applicants are interviewed as part of the admissions process.

– Applicants not meeting the entry criteria may be considered on a case by case basis by the Academic Director. Consideration will be given to those with appropriate and evidenced previous academic history, prior work experience and life skills experience.


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future professional photography career?