As a photographer we do not just click the moment,
We live the moment…

We keep seeing some amazing work done by our photographer friends on social media and keep dreaming about going to certain places to make similar images. We make lots of plans with our friends, and only 1 our of 100 plans comes true.

Before going to the trips, we keep dreaming about making memorable moments like other winning images, then finally we make up the mind and spare some money to arrange our trip. I understand getting a visa from our spouses is difficult like getting a visa for Us, but some how we try all possible tricks and after lot of emotional blackmailing we get the trip approved.

With all the excitements and expectations we travel to the destination and checks in through facebook as well to let make rest of our friends jealous, We reach there, we scout around and after many failed attempts we somehow be able to get a moment we dreamed of, not exactly but near to that.

The excitement reached the peak an we keep looking all our images many times first in camera while coming back on the journey and then our the computer. We open them, process few of them but many times we don’t like many of them and once middle of the night we make a successful process. And the time arrives when we are ready to upload ‘the’ image on social media.

With cheers in heart we take time to select and appropriate title to the image while it is being loaded, yes some times internet connection is not in favour, but finally we make it. We also do not forget to tag our loved ones companions. Every few minutes we refresh the page to count the score. We read the comments and count the likes and yes, just imagine if we receive some unwanted comments, we blast the words around. Before going to sleep we again check the count on mobile app and we don’t miss immediately after we wake up. After few days as soon as we process another image ready to load, this image is not so great but still there is nothing to upload we process it & upload with some or other title.

And guess what, it gets more reach then the previous one which was the best shot from that trip & we surprise our alter-ego and get satisfied.

thats how the process makes the memories for us rather than just an image…

Live the moments
Have a great light…

-Saurabh Desai Photography